The way Scott can articulate a wealth of real-life experience in business and pass that knowledge on to another is a skill that is hard to find in the Business Coaching world.
— Gavin Koorey (Hills Storage Pty Ltd)

Realise the value in your business

You don't have to spend every day dealing with the same problems.

Is your business ready for the "next level" but you're not sure how to take the next step?  Or are you finding yourself working flat out while the business stands still? Let me help you solve those problems that are getting in your way.

You may have enjoyed the sense of achievement as you were establishing your business and getting it up and running, but now that you're out of the "startup" phase milestones tend to pass more slowly. Like setting sail on an ocean voyage, the first day is full of action and achievements (casting off, negotiating the harbour, seeing the land disappear over the horizon), but once you're out at sea there are few (if any) indications of your progress. If your business is "out at sea" you need to take time to set your goals and monitor your progress to ensure you are plotting the best course towards success.


Every weekend you decide that this week is going to be different, and then Monday happens...

Don't let everyday issues stop you working on your business

Anyone in business knows that there is always another problem to solve. It's easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day issues and difficult to see how to make time to work "on" the business. You know what needs to be done, but you don't have the time to do it. What you need is someone to sort out those day-to-day issues (IT, HR, IR, Finance, Contracts, etc) so you can spend time implementing the changes you know you need.

I'm not an accountant or a solicitor. I'm someone who has run my own businesses and worked in other businesses. I have successfully resolved issues in Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Information Systems, Finance negotiations, Supply agreements, Purchasing and selling businesses. I understand the needs of small and medium business and their owners. But most importantly I know how to get things done.

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Scott’s wealth of business knowledge would add value to any business. He has a certain skill of assisting you in seeing past the trees that are blocking your long term vision.
— Charles Vella - Owner, Vellex

Are you finding it hard to see the wood for the trees?


I have helped business owners for over ten years in the Retail, Manufacturing, Services, Transport, Tourism, and Food and Beverage sectors. If you spend your days "putting out fires" then contact me. I will help you realise the plans and goals you've always had, but never had time to implement.

I work with businesses across New South Wales including Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central-West. If you feel like you need to find some clarity of direction, or just want to speak to someone that has been there before contact me now. There's no obligation and no risk.

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Scott has helped me through some very challenging phases of the business. He is excellent at uncovering and understanding the fundamental issues we were facing and placing structure and method around solving them. Moreover his personable nature and light hearted approach made it a joy to work with him. I trust him implicitly and can highly recommend him.
— John Sweeny, Company Director, Active Air Rentals

What makes me think I can help you?

My experience

Over the past 25 years I've worked in a fantastically diverse range of industries across 4 continents. I've worked in Senior Board positions all the way down to front line roles in businesses ranging from small, family businesses up to large multinationals. I've advised business owners in the Retail, Manufacturing, Services, Transport, Tourism, and Food and Beverage sectors. Specifically, my experience includes:

  • Managing a business with 100 staff and turnover exceeding $20M
  • Implementing workplace agreements and negotiating with trade unions
  • Chairing National Industry Associations
  • Restructuring businesses and renegotiating financial, supply and employment agreements
  • Planning, implementing and managing significant business changes
  • Evaluating, selecting, and implementing small and large Information Technology solutions
  • You can read more on my LinkedIn profile

More than just commercial experience I have spent many years teaching and empowering teams and individuals.

We grew our business from the garage to global. If you want straight talking, if you want experience, if you want integrity, if you want to be pushed and supported to grow your business talk to Scott Etherington.
— Sheona Devin, General Manager, Planit